February 22, 2013


My hope is that this blog will empower you, encourage you, make you laugh and smile and provide knowledge that you feel led to share with everyone you meet.  

One of the interesting parts of this blog is that it makes available a conversation about helping those who are hurting.  

Healing from the emotional, physical, and mental effects of domestic abuse can be a long and difficult process. Even in the most traumatic of times, there is a book that can usher you into the presence of God and promote peace and healing in your life. God Provides a Way of Escape: A Domestic Violence Response, is a call to the church as a body of believers to answer the cry of the victim. It encourages the church to equip counselors in order to help victims of domestic violence find healing through the word of God.

The pages empower and encourage victims and counselors to realize their full potential in God and know that they can do all things through Him who is willing to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can think or ask.

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