August 4, 2013

A stress-less weekend

It’s been a great past two weeks, I must say.  I went on a retreat and had a lot of quiet time.  I started reading the books by Lysa Terkeurst and praying a lot for the will of God to be revealed.  After the retreat I spoke to one of my friends and told her that I expected this “ah ha” moment and all would be well.  I thought all my questions would be answered, however….

She told me that although I didn’t have that “ah ha” moment, God would honor the time I spent with him.  Another friend told me that the time would come; I should just continue to seek Him.  It’s always good to have people around you who can encourage you and bring you words of clarity.  I’m thankful.

So, now I’m further encouraged to continue my studies, my prayers, my seeking.  I’m planning another retreat within the next month or so, something a little longer so I can go a little more in depth in the word.  I’m so excited to read what God has said in His word about my journey.  I’m eager to hear from Him.  I’m also very grateful for His grace and the changes I’m already seeing in myself and in my life.

Ok, so more about this retreat. 

The first night there I had dinner, listened to one of my favorite music stations, and fell asleep.  I slept for 10 ½ hours straight.  I woke up startled, but I felt great, refreshed and renewed.  And I opened the blinds to let God’s precious sun in, I looked forward to the wonderful day ahead.  I took a walk in the garden and sat on the cute red swing.  I read from Lysa’s books and had some good conversations with God.  I was mesmerized by nature and those sweet little butterflies that seemed to flutter around having a wonderful time.  I watched them go back and forth while the breeze caught my attention from time to time. After a while, I curled up on the sofa in the conservatory and read and wrote notes, and questions and thoughts…

I will share more about the revelations I received during this time with God, but for now just know that it was well worth the time away.

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