October 20, 2013

Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence is usually defined as physical, sexual, mental, emotional, and financial abuse.  It’s someone exuding power and control over someone else and using it for some purpose they feel may serve them in some way.  It’s an epidemic that has been around since the beginning of time and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.  However, unlike years ago, there is more awareness, more services and more support for those who have been affected by this issue. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is upon us, actually it’s almost over.  I have seen so many flyers and posters about events, and heard PSA’s about awareness and I’m pleased that this topic has not fallen by the wayside.

I am also pleased that many churches and faith communities are getting on board to bring awareness to their congregations and those who worship among them. 

My desire for years has been to bring awareness to this issue and allow the faith community to come together to assist victims and survivors.  My book, God Provides a Way of Escape: A Domestic Violence Response speaks to those who want to encourage and empower anyone who has been touched in some way by domestic violence.  It speaks to the counselor who wants to provide hope, to the layperson who wants to be an informed listening ear, and to the victim who needs to know that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all they could think or ask in their lives. 

I believe that more people are considering different options for those affected by this issue, allowing for more versatility in delivering and receiving help.  We look to the local shelter or counseling center, but we must also consider someone’s spiritual and religious background because many feel that is their foundation.  Some rely heavily on their faith and feel that has brought them through and sustained them.  I wanted to make sure I validated this for them in my book, while providing another way of looking at their situation through the lens of God’s word.  There are many ways to find solutions, however finding a long-lasting solution is key.  I long to discover a lasting solution, and my ministry seeks to do just that.  It is one of restoration…for the body, soul and spirit…the journey of healing.  It comes as no surprise that for me and many others, God is the source. 

Let’s not forget those who have and are continuing to deal with this epidemic as well as those who have loved ones that desire to help any way they can.  Domestic Violence Awareness shouldn’t be in the limelight just in the month of October, it should be every week of every month throughout the year until there is no reason to speak of it

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