April 20, 2014

Live a Little

This has been a wonderful year so far, I’m learning a lot in this journey.  Yet, in this journey, there is one thing I’m holding as kind of a mantra and that is self care.  I learned this a few years ago from my friend Erica who does a lot to take care of herself and loves to experience new things; she's had such an influence on me to do the same.  

So, I took the plunge and decided to take a class.  A creative writing class.  Most of my writing has been non-fiction, but I’m stretching my mind and making it get a little exercise by trying my hand at fiction and I’m actually having fun with it. I'm surrounded by great classmates and an awesome instructor who give very kind, yet helpful critiques.  

I've heard funny stories, mysterious ones, sad stories and memoirs that make you hopeful they will turn it into a movie. I’m learning a lot about myself and about those that sit around that table.  I’m going to find more of these classes to take, although I’m already published, I want to try my hand at something different and fun. 

Books and more books, oh and writing too

So, take the plunge and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone and stretches you.  How about taking that cooking class or learning another language?  How about getting your hair cut in a cute little style or colored in a shade that gives you more confidence...but be careful.  How about trying out a new wardrobe or just browsing thrift stores? The goal is to have fun with it.  A lot of my friends have bucket lists and some pick a new city every year to travel to.    

There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself or taking up walking or running, practicing yoga or taking cooking classes or just cooking your favorite dishes for friends.  It can also be fun to share your joy with others so they can be encouraged to live out their dreams.  Whatever you choose, do something that makes you happy.  So, let’s live life to the fullest, let’s live a little.  

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  1. Dr. Williams...this is lovely and I am so excited for your new class. :)