August 10, 2014

More about the journey

In my last post a few weeks back, I shared with you about my experience traveling to the Cove in Asheville, NC.  I’ve had to think back often to my time there because it seems like the flood gates opened in an interesting way since I returned.  But I will get into that in a later post.  Let me share with you some more of my delights during my time at the Cove. 

On the journey...

I met some wonderful people while I was there, just plain ole friendly.  I could feel the presence of God once I entered the Cove, but felt it again and again with everyone I met.  

I brought several journals and pens and books with me and was ready to go.  While there I was able to be still and look at my surroundings; I listened to the birds sing, the raindrops as they fell on the leaves outside my door, saw the sun shining through the clouds, and the fog drifting above the mountains.  In my rush, most days I don’t take the time to notice.  But God made me notice, and I thanked Him. 

I rocked in the rocking chairs and sipped my coffee and realized I was at peace.  In one post I wrote a while ago I talked about balance.  Well, I realized I was out of balance.  I had been burning the candle at both ends, rushing to 5 meetings a week, helping people through their problems, making sure all the work was done, and wasn’t paying attention to myself and what I needed.  I needed time away, time to just talk to God, and most importantly to listen. A retreat.

I thought that was impressed on my heart was not to neglect the fellowship of the saints.  I always try to surround myself with people who love God, and who walk this love.  I’ve been encouraged to use wisdom and discernment while making this journey through life.  I did a lot of listening during this time and now make sure I do a little more of that every day. 

Now that my trip to the Cove is over, my journey has really only started.  I will continue to share my experiences from the Cove, because a short blog doesn’t do it justice. Now, please take one more little bit of direction…

Taking in His creation

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.  I’ve heard that so much lately.  Take care of yourself.  I have created a little reading nook so that I can pray, read, sit, be still and listen.  That was a gift I gave to myself.  What gift are you giving to yourself? 

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