January 19, 2015

Wrapping Up 2014

     This blog is a little late since the new year has been underway for almost 3 weeks, however I still want to wrap up last year just a bit as I usher in this fabulous new year.
     Some things I learned and experienced in 2014 were substantial and life changing.  And some things I challenged myself to do, I didn’t follow through on (read 5 books and run a 5K) that’s why I’m so glad that this is now 2015 and His mercies are new every morning.

    The summer rolls around and I can’t be more excited for my ultimate retreat, my Journey to the Cove.  So, off I go to Asheville.   I relaxed, read a lot, wrote a lot, and got up early for devotions.  I met some wonderful people.  I also spent some very much needed time with God…I talked and He listened, He talked and I listened.  I came back to reality and back to the daily grind with a renewed spirit and soul.  Peace. 

Chatlos Memorial Chapel at the Cove

     God continued to bless me and kept me in perfect peace.  Doors and windows began to open; doors and windows began to close.   Growth.  One thing I had to do was make sure my support system was solid and embrace relationships while creating new ones.  Growth.  I learned a lot about what mattered, what still matters and what never will.  Growth.

Beautiful and peaceful paths at the Billy Graham Library

     I traveled quite a bit, caught up with old friends and visited new places.  I’m grateful for wisdom, grace, new beginnings and fresh starts.  I’m grateful for my ministry and how I’ve been able to touch so many lives.  I’m grateful for my friends and amazing church family and how their prayers have lifted me daily.  
     My new motto if you will, for this year is “stay in peace”.  I might have to say it to myself a few times a day, or even out loud if the need arises, but whatever it takes.  Being still and being at peace.  So, hit the refresh button for 2015 because remember, His mercies are new every morning.
What are your goals and dreams for 2015?  And what does it look like to hit the refresh button? 

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