January 18, 2016

Clearing the Clutter

I’m posting in the middle of January, and although the New Year is already very much underway, I don’t feel like I have totally abandoned my calling to post more timely content for everyone.  But I will keep working on getting better at it. 

I’ve seen a lot of chatter on social media and blogs about resolutions for the New Year.  I tend to think of my goals and aspirations for the New Year as just that… aspirations or intentions.  For me, 2016 is a year of transition…transitions from and toward.  Transitions away from the not so great and negative, and toward the amazing and wonderful. 

I’ve unfortunately ended relationships in 2015, that at the time I thought was going to be tough, but as I sit now, I can’t even tell they are gone…that means that those relationships didn’t serve much purpose.  I miss the thought of the friendship, but not the stress that it took to maintain it.  I told myself…”it’s ok to let go”.

Someone I know was in a job that was clearly emotionally and physically draining for her.  She had a co-worker without the necessary skills to do the job so it impacted her, and she had bosses that never seemed to show their appreciation for her hard work.  In time, it wore her down so much so that she wanted to quit and deal with the consequences.  Only after she took a few days off, took time for herself to process everything, did she come back with a renewed sense of life.  She focused on the things that brought her joy, surrounded herself with positive people who lifted her up and supported her, and was determined to give her job her best, but realized it was only 8 hours of her day the rest of the day remained to pursue her heart’s desire. 

I made some changes in 2015 in my lifestyle and carried it over into 2016, with healthy eating and exercise and pursuing some interesting hobbies; it has certainly made the difference in how I feel and my entire outlook on life.  I can’t even begin to tell you that when you re-frame, re-define and re-focus there seems to be a lot that drops off and a lot that is added on. 

My aspirations for this year are to continue to blog and write, travel and explore, take up more hobbies, eat better and exercise more, and continue to surround myself with amazing people that add something to my life.  More details to come on all of these aspirations and intentions, but for now just know I learned a lot in 2015 and I am looking forward to this New Year; 2016 is my year of transition. 

So, it’s ok to say goodbye to the friend who is clearly broken, but after years of trying to help her, she won’t own her stuff.  It’s ok to say goodbye in a sense to the job that doesn’t appreciate you, put it in its place, focus on other things that are meaningful until you can move on to something more rewarding.  It’s ok to say goodbye to the ministry that is draining every ounce of your passion for your calling, re-assess and maybe your gifts can be used elsewhere.  Use your voice, stand up for yourself, pursue your dreams, create new memories and go for it!  

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