January 23, 2016

Clearing More Clutter

On my last blog I talked about intentions and aspirations for the new year, starting with some general life cleansing.  But there are so many layers to cleansing and clearing the stuff in our lives, I like to say that “we peel the onion” and discover so much about ourselves and others for that matter.

When I help people peel their onion, I help them heal from things that have caused hurt or trauma, help them feel empowered and encourage them through their journey.  This is a lot of what The Journey of Healing is all about.  But aside from that, I am able to help people hold up a mirror to their own situation, their own life and discover what needs to be done, own their stuff and get to work.

Well, as I help other people do that, I too find myself needing to do the same and what a great time of year to do it. 

One area I have felt the need to conquer is that of physical clutter, I need to clean it up.  I’m not necessarily speaking of the physical clutter of people in my life, although that may be a different post soon; but the actual stuff that I have accumulated over the years.  

I have always donated clothes and shoes to various agencies in the community, whether it’s the local women’s shelter or the Salvation Army and still do that during various times of the year. 

But I’ve recently started consigning items, and what an experience that has been.  I take my “stuff” to the store and they look at it, pick through it and choose what looks like it would sell for a good price.  Well, needless to say, my stuff is not always a treasure to someone else.  So, why don’t they like my stuff, I like it and have kept it and used it (or not), so why don’t they want it?  Well, the lesson in all of this is that at some point you have to draw the line in the sand and let it go.  Is it of any real value? Or is it that I’ve attached so much value to it that I can’t see clearly.  Do I attach value to it because it brings me comfort to have so much stuff around me? Is it filling a void? Is it making me happy? Is it serving a purpose?

I recently consigned 22 items and it all sold for a good price…and I’m saving the money for a nice retreat…this is my incentive.  Now I’m about to go back into the closet and under the bed and behind the... you get the picture, and get some more items ready to consign and save even more for my trip.  It’s not that hard, at least now that I’ve made up my mind that I have to do something about clearing the clutter. 

I’ve been watching the show Fixer Upper on HGTV and the inspiration and passion that goes into making someone’s home amazing just touches my heart.  I’ve also been watching Tiny Houses also on HGTV and find myself intrigued with how some people choose to live. Whether it is for financial reasons and they want to live debt free, or for the freedom to travel and set up their home in the mountains or at the beach, or just to downsize because they have too much stuff.  I like the creativity in these shows and the desire to just make a house a home.  They’ve given me a little motivation and so many ideas… something that I may consider.

In the meantime, my goal and intention within the next few weeks is to sort through, donate, consign, and maybe even trash some of my possessions and make my home a place of serenity and solitude, my sanctuary away from the outside world. 

As a writer I need to be able to think clearly so I can write, and this can’t happen as I’m looking over at the pile of shoes or papers or books (well maybe not books) but, you know what I mean.  As a yoga student, I need a place to meditate and practice my poses and not have to move a box or bag out of the way to make room for my quiet time. 

So, there you have it, more about clearing the clutter…and there’s more to come.  Are you ready to clear the clutter?  What’s your motivation?

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