January 30, 2016

Less Junk (food), Less Clutter

My previous blogs have been about intentions and aspirations to clear the clutter in my life.  I hope it has been a gentle nudge for you to do the same.  The last part of my clearing the clutter series is about how to take a good look in the mirror and decide how you want to look and feel this year.  I want to look happy and confident, feel the same and know that from the inside out all is well.  Right now, for me, it is much easier because I started eating healthier and exercising last year and noticed a change right away.  I, however got off track a bit during the holidays, but jumped right back on it after the new year…with a few minor detours.

Last Fall, I decided to train for a 5k, connected with an amazing and talented team of runners…beginners and advanced…and was well on my way to running my first race. Halfway through the training I had to stop because of an injury, I was very disappointed, but knew I had to slow down and heal so I could jump right back in during the Spring. 

In the midst of healing, I wanted to comfort myself and went back to the chips and soda and fast food. 

Needless to say, my body was not very happy with me and let me know it.  So, I knew that I had to get back to what was best for my body and interestingly enough my mind and spirit.  You see, when I was eating all of the junk and not exercising, I felt great for that moment because it met my immediate need.  But then when it all settled in, I felt uncomfortable and unhappy, not to mention I just couldn’t think clearly because my body was trying to figure out what to do with this junk I had just devoured. 

Thankfully I have some great supporters of healthy eating and serious exercise around me, so getting back to where I need to be is not going to be that difficult.  The hardest step is the first, as I look at the chips sitting in the bowl across the room. 

So what now? I have decided to plan and prepare my lunch every day instead of eating out; this is going to help me physically and financially.  Next, I was told that I should make lunch my biggest meal of the day; but then told I should have several small meals during the day.  I will try both options out and see what works best for me. 

I have been taking vegetarian cooking classes for almost a year now and enjoy trying new spices, veggies and combinations I never imagined.  I’m going to rev that up a bit and try to cook more instead of running by the closest fast food place.  This will also take some will power since they just built a new burger spot near my house.

I think one thing that will help me tremendously is the fact that I'm studying Ayurveda.  My yoga teacher is also my culinary instructor so I have a lot of checks and balances in that area.  Also, when you’re trying to do yoga on a stomach full of burgers and fries, or a barbecue sandwich, it’s not going to work out very well.

I had a friend whose lifestyle was unhealthy and she didn’t exercise and didn’t want to change.  I wanted to get healthier and thought we could walk together and eat well and be the other’s accountability partner.  Every time we went out to eat she chose a place with very little (if any) healthy options.  When I wanted to walk, she made up excuses.  I really wanted to help her while helping myself but she wasn’t ready to change.  It was sad because I cared more about her health than she did, but she had to be the one to take that step.  I knew what I needed, so I moved on and was blessed beyond measure for not staying stuck with my junk, my clutter.

I still enjoy an occasional ice cream or whatever I’m in the mood for; but I create balance and do it all in moderation.  I’ve noticed and learned at times the hard way, that when I fill my body with healthy, clean food I feel better.  I’m sharper.  I’m in a better mood.  I don’t get sick often.  I feel connected in my prayers and have a sense of peace.  It’s amazing how small changes can lead to big successes. 

So, onward I go to become healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit as I forge ahead in my journey of healing. 

What does your journey of healing look like?  

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