February 18, 2017

Self Care, Self Love

This year has really flown by it seems. It feels like just the other day I was setting my intentions for the year, and now we are almost three weeks into February. So many things have happened already so far this year and it makes for some good writing, so stay tuned. I’ve got a lot of projects that I’m juggling and a lot of stuff up in the air at this point, but everything is still really good.

However, with so much underway, I sort of forgot to take inventory of myself and started to come down with a cold or something that has caused me to feel a little blah. Well, now it’s time to rev it back up and get going, and the topic of self care is our theme for the year,so let’s start off with a little self love. I will talk more about this in a later post, but since it’s February and I kinda got distracted as the year began to unfold, let me reel it back it and celebrate this month of love.

So, I want to encourage everyone as we are about 2 months into the new year, that if you have not been successful in your intentions up to this point, it’s ok. Tomorrow is a new day and you can start again. I wrote a blog post for a ministry I contribute to and it was about how God’s mercies are new every morning. And they are. I want to encourage you not to be too hard on yourself if you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do in the month of January, and maybe you need to add February to the list as well. That’s ok. His mercies are new every morning and He gives us enough grace for each day. So, you can start again, start anew.

I’m actually speaking to myself on this one, because I was supposed to no longer binge watch the tv shows I missed, or eat chips, or skip a day of exercise, or…. But guess what? It happened. But guess what else? I plan to start anew tomorrow and try again. I don’t have to be perfect in what I set out to do, and I don’t get it right all of the time, but I’m so thankful that no one is keeping score. I choose to love myself today and tomorrow, no matter what. I can stick to my old intentions, or tweak them, or come up with entirely new ones. But whatever I choose, I can hold my head high and keep putting one foot in front of the other because the morning will come with new mercies. A new day.

So, love yourself regardless, keep striving, and keep moving forward. Your new day starts now.   

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