March 31, 2017

Self Care: Amazing Friendships

I want to walk you over to an awesome post I wrote a few weeks ago on friendships.  It's incredible that this post came out yesterday, because I have been seeking ways to encourage myself to be intentional in my self care every day.  

I started to think about what this really meant, and came up with a few interesting paths I could take on this journey of self care.  I've written about friendships before, but the timing on this post couldn't be more relevant because of the experiences I've had this year especially.  And I never really thought about friendships being a part of self care, but they are...a really important part.  Friends can be that lifeline when you feel like you can't put one foot in front of the other.  Friends provide that shoulder to cry on and bring extra kleenex.  Friends cook up all of your favorite comfort foods and put on your favorite tunes when they are loving you back to life.  And friends walk alongside you and hold you accountable in your every day.  We must surround ourselves with the most amazing, positive people that will nurture you and fill you up.  Friendships are so valuable.  Through them you can find your voice.  

I've had ones that challenge me in the best and worst ways, but every one has been a blessing.  

So, I wanted to share this post on Be New Today about the Garden of Friendship and I hope it's a 
blessing to you today.    

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