August 3, 2017

April Self Care Adventures

So, I took a road trip. I packed my bags for a “long weekend”. What started off as a weekend adventure, ended up being an entire week of food and fun, and of course yoga. Okay, I have a habit that some love and some not so much...I tend to do a little research when I travel and choose about three or four fascinating places to visit during my time away. It’s usually a museum or restaurant I’ve found on Diner’s, Drive ins, and Dives, or a park where I can walk along a path and reflect on my journey.

This month, I decided to nurture myself a little and focus on a little more self care.  I indulged in a lot of comfort food at the beginning of my trips, then pulled myself together and added a few healthy choices as the days went on.  I found some cute cafes and enjoyed sitting on the patio watching the locals go by. I drove hundreds of miles to a weekend yoga retreat, and met fellow yogis from all over the United States. I also made sure to venture downtown to catch a glimpse of each city’s history, especially as the sun set.

I enjoy acting like a tourist sometimes, because people want to tell you all about their town, their favorite restaurant and all the events that make their town special.  I hear a lot of stories and each one leaves a lasting impression, no matter how short the conversation. 

Ready for my tour

I came upon a local restaurant as I was headed to my room to unpack. I was ready to put my feet up and call it a night, so I put my order in “to go” and found a table to wait. A couple nearby started chatting with me and shared about their world travels. They had been divorced and then remarried, and I could tell they were meant to be. 

As I waited, the conversation turned to me and I shared I was a yoga teacher. It just so happened, that her best friend owned a studio and was looking for a yoga teacher at the resort. Really? She called her friend then asked if I wanted a job. I was so tempted to relocate at that very moment! But I humbly declined and thanked her for her confidence in this stranger she had just met. And that's when she said, “there's just something about you.” As tears filled my eyes, the waitress returned and I was off again. Never to forget that couple.

I have to say, April Adventures were awesome! I taught yoga in the park, I rested and meditated, I took long walks, and never once looked at my watch. I can say this one was a win!  

Just a little comfort food

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