August 17, 2017

June's Journey

I traveled a little more this month, for my own personal and professional growth. I know, what a surprise! Well, this was the beginning of so many new things for me with lots of teachable moments sprinkled on top. I met a lot of amazing people and learned a little more about life along the way...some highs and some lows. I navigated crazy airports, met people from Hawaii to Alaska, and navigated fickle weather which caused me to rethink many a hairdo and wardrobe. These past few months I have definitely added to my 2017 list of intentions, a bucket list to some. I seem to have been bitten by the travel bug and plan to keep enjoying the many adventures on the horizon.

And one of my proudest moments happened this month. In the midst of my travels and adventures, and navigating people and GPS directions, I managed to continue to build upon my dream. Literally. I can finally say that I have my long-awaited yoga studio, something I didn’t think would come so soon, but I’m very glad it’s here. After months of planning and back-and-forth conversations that were frustrating and enlightening all at the same time, the dream is finally a reality.

June has been a month of new beginnings for me in so many ways, and this newest journey was no small achievement. To be able to choose paint color, flooring, blinds, furnishings, and every bit that goes into this space has brought many a tear to my eyes. I’m just in awe of this blessing God has allowed. Now my calling has another realm, my ministry is increasing on another level. Am I ready? Maybe. I think so. Yes, I am. I’m ready because God says it’s time. And so it is.
Now, I can practice with those who have experienced physical pain, trauma from the past, stress from an overwhelming occupation, those who want to embrace a more healthy lifestyle, or those who feel they have an overwhelmed self and soul. I’m so grateful to have this as a part of my ministry to help those on their journey of healing. What I know for sure is that I’m being truly blessed, being a blessing to others. Now, I can say this is definitely a win!

View from the sky

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