January 21, 2018

Juggling in July

So…it’s been way too long since I’ve connected with all of you.  Life can have so many twists and turns, ups and downs.  There were hurricanes, open doors, new adventures, closing doors, and then some of the same old thing.  A lot of scheduling and re-scheduling, appointments, events and balancing tons of stuff on my plate.  But I’ve missed everyone and hope to get back on track soon enough. 

Let me start back updating you on some of my experiences over the past few months.  Short and sweet over the next couple of weeks, but nevertheless it will get us all caught up.

Starting with July. 

I continued with my yoga classes and started to really get into a groove.  I was learning a lot from my students and from my own practice.  Always teaching.  Always learning.  I missed my annual women’s conference because I tended to some family stuff, then I got right back into my yoga life.  I could always feel the void when I didn’t practice and taking two weeks off certainly showed up.  It showed up in my peace or lack of, my clarity, in my mindset and in my everyday.  I longed to be on my mat and just breathe. 

I traveled hundreds of miles across the southern states, stayed in a tiny house hotel, ate catfish and burgers, and tried to stay cool without much success.  But no matter how much I love to travel, there’s nothing like home.  It didn’t take long for me to get back to what made me smile.  Postures and meditation, were exactly what I needed to get back into balance.  I got back into the studio, decorated the space a little more, rolled out my mat, and reconnected. 

July was full, I might share more about it all later…but for now, stay tuned for the August adventures.  Those were very unexpected and kinda fun.  Stay tuned…

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