February 3, 2018

September Storms

September with the Salvation Army

I went back to the beach in September, it was a bit cool, but a good place to walk and meditate.  I breathed in the crisp air, listened to the waves and watched the sun rise and set every day.  But before I could really settle in good the storms came.  Those history-making storms.  They hit Texas, Florida, Georgia and up the coast and beyond.  Before it was all over, we knew it was time for everyone to truly be His hands and feet, roll up their sleeves and serve. 

So many went without power or water, some lost their homes to the floods, some sustained wind damage to their property, and others went without food, clothing or shelter for days and weeks while recovery efforts were underway. 

The Salvation Army stood up all over the United States serving meals, giving water, offering emotional and spiritual care, and just being present for those impacted by the weather, as well as for first responders.  Donations poured in, but resources were still exhausted, because the need became greater and greater with each passing day. 

My friends served meals, made pallets in the church for those fleeing disaster, deployed over and over in the most treacherous conditions, and reached out for prayer as they entered situations they had never seen before.  They saw people hurting physically and emotionally, those who had lost everything, others who were hungry, and some trying to connect with loved ones to find out if they were safe. 

In the midst of the doing this month, I thought back to my time at the beach, the calm.  Little did I know, we would not experience a calm like this for a while.  I stayed grounded by thinking of that good place and offered that same opportunity to receive and embrace peace to those doing the most good.  We would get back there eventually, to that place, but we would never be the same.  Individuals became a community, became a safe place, became friends and family, and were changed forever.

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