The Author

Dr. Gwendola Williams helps many cope with the challenges of victimization, and helps individuals and families alike develop strategies for transition through the tough times. She has been an advocate for many years, and feels a sense of peace when she can help someone heal from their trauma.

Dr. Williams is the author of “God Provides A Way of Escape: A Domestic Violence Response, a book that challenges the church as a body of believers, to encourage those they counsel to look at their life from a more positive perspective. She urges her audience to view the victim of domestic violence and the process of healing through the lens of the word of God.  

Her ministry has transitioned to include empowering women in their self care; and especially those who care for others. Many times women allow their needs to take second place to everyone and everything else.  Dr. Williams encourages women to allow for the filling up that God desires in order to pour out to others.  

She has earned degrees in higher education that give her a well-rounded experience, and she is frequently requested to share her expertise in the field through classroom instruction, lectures, and trainings at the local and state levels. Dr. Williams' experience in crisis intervention, trauma informed care, victimology and the practice of yoga and Ayurveda to name a few, puts her in an excellent position to reach many populations.  Through her education, work experience and genuine compassion, Dr. Williams continues to dedicate her life to helping those who are hurting.

Dr. Williams is a certified yoga instructor with an emphasis in Ayurveda; specializing in self-care, using yoga and meditation as well healthy eating practices to heal. She contributes to several ministry blogs and enjoys encouraging women to become their best self.  Please contact us if you would like to book her for your event, to conduct training, host a group or individual yoga class or for consulting.