August 10, 2017

Namaste in May

Keeping with my theme of taking care of myself and being mindful in my everyday, I took another road trip. This was for me, but also for others I wanted to love on. Remember that encounter I had in April? Well, fast forward a few weeks and on to a different town. I was given an incredible opportunity to teach a yoga workshop at a resort, yes... yoga at a resort... just seems like blissfulness! And did I mention, the resort was on the water? Okay, so now you see what I mean. What a great experience, to be able to practice stretching and strengthening your body, mind and spirit, as you view the waves from your room, and the sunrise every morning. Being able to walk along the water’s edge, breathe in the crisp air and feel the breeze as you settle in for meditation. Bliss. My theme for the workshop was self care, simply how do you take care of yourself in your every day? I showed my class how to embrace yoga as a weekly practice of empowerment, not as a chore. I encouraged them to practice mindfulness as they went about their day, demonstrated how to meditate in the middle of the chaos, and showed them how, even when sitting at their desk at work, they can benefit from the practice of yoga. I challenged them to develop a self care practice and to write down some of their plans to take good care of themselves. Self care isn’t selfish, and I think I said that phrase about 100 times throughout the day. Many were amazed at the fact they could actually “do yoga”, because as I walked around before the workshop, I heard whispers from a few saying, they weren’t flexible enough, and were afraid to try it. But everyone was willing to give it a try and we enjoyed supporting each other that day. My desire was to provide a safe space where they could let go and be themselves. A space where there was no judgement, just love. Love for each other and for themselves. One sweet lady said she felt like she had just had a massage. I loved that! The main takeaway I heard from almost everyone was that they were more relaxed than they had been in months, and they wanted to sign up to take classes and incorporate yoga into their daily living. To see those ladies and gentleman come away with tools they can use to reduce stress, create balance, and gain a little clarity makes me smile to this day. There’s nothing like it. Win! Ideas for self care:

1. Drink warm water (with or without lemon) every morning.
2. Practice yoga and meditation or gentle stretching daily.
3. Create balance in your daily schedule.
4. Practice boundaries. Saying no is the the gift you give yourself.
5. Talk with a friend.
6. Write in a journal.
7. Take time to rest.

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