October 11, 2020

Self Care Sunday

We hear so much about self-care these days as we navigate what’s turning out to be an incredibly unique season. While I encourage everyone I know to take care of themselves, sometimes I forget to listen to my own advice.  Many times the needs of the care-giver go unnoticed or delayed in the interest of someone or something else.  But here’s a reminder (to myself as well) that self-care is not selfish.  It can be looked at as self-preservation.  Filling your cup which enables you to pour out to others. Meeting those essential and basic needs in your own life allows you to have the strength to meet the needs of others.

We must guard our hearts and minds and create the necessary boundaries to survive and thrive.  What space are you operating in today that either causes you to pause and reconsider, or rejoice and move forward? 

Here are some things to consider when you think about self-care? 

  • Connect with someone that supports you
  • Practice yoga
  • Hydrate – and for some that just don’t like the “taste of water” – add a lemon or lime or blueberries or oranges, or…. you get the picture
  • Take a nap
  • Read a book you’ve been wanting to get lost in for quite a while
  • Go for a walk
  • Write – thoughts, poetry, feelings
  • Get outside for a little sunshine
  • Nourish your body
  • Plant a garden

Everyone is different including how they view selfcare.  So, what ideas do you have?  I can’t wait to hear how you take care of yourself – the world needs you. 

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