February 3, 2018

September Storms

September with the Salvation Army

I went back to the beach in September, it was a bit cool, but a good place to walk and meditate.  I breathed in the crisp air, listened to the waves and watched the sun rise and set every day.  But before I could really settle in good the storms came.  Those history-making storms.  They hit Texas, Florida, Georgia and up the coast and beyond.  Before it was all over, we knew it was time for everyone to truly be His hands and feet, roll up their sleeves and serve. 

So many went without power or water, some lost their homes to the floods, some sustained wind damage to their property, and others went without food, clothing or shelter for days and weeks while recovery efforts were underway. 

January 28, 2018

Awesome August Adventures

So…where do I begin?  August was full of new friends, old friends, new places and new culinary experiences. 

I finally got all my props and mats for the yoga studio and found a lot of people interested in taking private classes.  Everyone doesn’t like practicing in a room full of people.  Even though I keep my classes small, it can still be a little awkward and uncomfortable.  I get it.  I remember the first day I rolled out my mat in front of seasoned yogis.  Everyone was gracious, but I felt a little out of my league.  But look at me now!  There’s always something new to learn and experience.  Why not start today?

January 21, 2018

Juggling in July

So…it’s been way too long since I’ve connected with all of you.  Life can have so many twists and turns, ups and downs.  There were hurricanes, open doors, new adventures, closing doors, and then some of the same old thing.  A lot of scheduling and re-scheduling, appointments, events and balancing tons of stuff on my plate.  But I’ve missed everyone and hope to get back on track soon enough. 

Let me start back updating you on some of my experiences over the past few months.  Short and sweet over the next couple of weeks, but nevertheless it will get us all caught up.

Starting with July. 

September 24, 2017

Table Mentoring Amazon Review

What an honor to be able to share my thoughts on this wonderful book by my friend Sue.  She shows us how to come alongside others in their journey, while developing our own personal growth plan which helps us accomplish those necessary things in our own journey.

Sharing What I've Learned at the Feet of Jesus

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with you a few thoughts on this author and my fruitful takeaways from her book. When I first met Sue she showed such hospitality, sharing some of her journey and intently engaged as I shared some of mine. I must say, she showed me during those few days together, what coming alongside was really all about.

I could have read these six chapters all in one sitting, but I wanted to take my time and digest all of the wonderful nuggets packed inside. I recall some of the most notable parts that caused me to stop and think, and consider how I come alongside others in my every day.

Sue challenges us to consider sharing what we’ve learned at the feet of Jesus, knowing someone really needs to hear it...our journey, our experiences. She also shares that “mentoring, at a table or not, needs to be a part of every believer’s life”. What a call to action! And she also tells us that not feeling adequate to mentor and share on those levels, makes us more ready than we think we are. So, I admit, I felt a little nudge right there. We mentor another from our own experience of being mentored by God. He comes alongside us when we experience hard times, enabling us to be there for others during their tough journey (I Corinthians 1: 3, 4). When we view it from this perspective, it’s hard to ignore our calling in this area.

I was also encouraged, as a theme throughout the book and a reminder at the end, to ask God for His priorities, and take (quiet) time to pray. Who should I reach out to? When and where should I connect with them? What should I say and which scriptures should I share? When should I pray, and study, and come alongside someone who needs to see and hear what you have shared with me God?

This book is one that encourages every one of us to step out and share our lives with someone else. Whether it is sharing a cup of coffee in a cafe, muffins hot out of the oven in our home, or the bread of life with someone we just met, we are all called to this. We are blessed to be a blessing.

Thank you Sue, for sharing your heart with us so we can feel a little bit more adequate to share ours with someone else.

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August 17, 2017

June's Journey

I traveled a little more this month, for my own personal and professional growth. I know, what a surprise! Well, this was the beginning of so many new things for me with lots of teachable moments sprinkled on top. I met a lot of amazing people and learned a little more about life along the way...some highs and some lows. I navigated crazy airports, met people from Hawaii to Alaska, and navigated fickle weather which caused me to rethink many a hairdo and wardrobe. These past few months I have definitely added to my 2017 list of intentions, a bucket list to some. I seem to have been bitten by the travel bug and plan to keep enjoying the many adventures on the horizon.

August 10, 2017

Namaste in May

Keeping with my theme of taking care of myself and being mindful in my everyday, I took another road trip. This was for me, but also for others I wanted to love on. Remember that encounter I had in April? Well, fast forward a few weeks and on to a different town. I was given an incredible opportunity to teach a yoga workshop at a resort, yes... yoga at a resort... just seems like blissfulness! And did I mention, the resort was on the water? Okay, so now you see what I mean. What a great experience, to be able to practice stretching and strengthening your body, mind and spirit, as you view the waves from your room, and the sunrise every morning. Being able to walk along the water’s edge, breathe in the crisp air and feel the breeze as you settle in for meditation. Bliss.

August 3, 2017

April Self Care Adventures

So, I took a road trip. I packed my bags for a “long weekend”. What started off as a weekend adventure, ended up being an entire week of food and fun, and of course yoga. Okay, I have a habit that some love and some not so much...I tend to do a little research when I travel and choose about three or four fascinating places to visit during my time away. It’s usually a museum or restaurant I’ve found on Diner’s, Drive ins, and Dives, or a park where I can walk along a path and reflect on my journey.