July 17, 2021

God Calls Us to Community

Today I spent time with some lovely ladies who have a passion to write and share their words with the world. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive community, yet I realize many cannot say the same.  I know that friendships can be hard and the older we get, the harder it seems we're able to find those authentic relationships.  But God calls us to fellowship because He knows we need one another as we move through life with all its ups and downs. 

I encourage you to seek out someone you can talk to, pray with, or maybe even grab a cup of coffee with and see how the relationship flourishes.  Or if you can't find a friend, be a friend...because someone is praying for a mentor, a friend, a prayer partner just like you.  A person they can be honest and vulnerable with and be comforted in knowing they are being seen and heard.  

  • Pray for that new friend that has yet to come into your life
  • Study scripture that speaks about friendships 
  • Pray about your heart's desire for an authentic relationship
  • Seek out a community you would like to be a part of and nurture each other well

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