August 9, 2020

The Garden of Friendship

I published a post a few years ago about friendship and as days and years have passed, I wanted to revisit it once again. Now, that I’m in a new time and space, I want to offer some of my thoughts on friendships - some can be easy and some not so easy, encouraging but also discouraging, challenging yet uplifting. One thing I know is that God calls us to fellowship and friendships that can hold space for us in our everyday.

When I think about friendships, I think about a garden with lots of different flowers and butterflies, and maybe a weed or two. This garden of friendship has a plethora of characteristics, attitudes, senses of humor, and diversity. Introverts, extroverts and maybe a little of both. When I look at my friendships, each and every one is different.  

Who has a friend who tells it like it is? But also loves on them in the same breath? Who has a friend that just knows when you need to talk? And sits silently with just a nod or sweet touch to let you know they see you and hear you? Who has a friend who is their biggest cheerleader and is there for every adventure? So now ask, what kind of friend am I?

Proverbs 27:9 tells us that a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

So, how are we watering this curious garden of friendship? With the tools God has given us. What He is pouring in, we pour out. And the good news is that God will send people into our lives that show His love to us every day. God does not want us to walk this journey alone. We need God, but He has also given us one another to grow together in Him.

I’ve started a garden on my property in the past few months for a little self-care and a lot of exercise. So, it seems timely that I want to talk about this garden of friendship in the middle of the lack of connection so many are experiencing now. What can we do today to help our garden grow? How are we pouring into others to nurture our relationships? Are we taking time to pray for them or invite them to do a bible study? All of these and more are things to ponder as we move through life differently these days. So, what does your garden look like today?

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