May 16, 2021

5 Weeks of Encouragement - Week Three

Another day, another opportunity to create.  I give you permission today to create something that provides a sense of nurturing to yourself.  Creativity can take on many forms: writing, singing, knitting, painting, gardening…  I invite you into a creative space.  During the pandemic as many were staying home for one reason or another, I decided to start gardening.  I ordered seeds and plants and gloves and a shovel and went to work.  I didn’t have a plan other than getting outside, feeling the sun on my face and creating a different environment.  It may not have looked like the landscapes you see in the magazines, but I think I did ok – it was what I needed to do for myself.  

So, I encourage you today to create something that helps usher in what you need to sustain you - planting flowers, trying out a new recipe, putting together a scrapbook that brings back pleasant memories – embrace and receive all that nurtures you.  Today is your day, where you don’t have to be perfect, but just be who you are and do what makes you happy if just for a little while.

What are you creating this week?  

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